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'daffodil season' is here!

One thing about spring ... despite what the calendar says, you never know exactly when it will arrive. It's the same for "Daffodil Season," which was to debut a few weeks from now. But it's ready to read … click here to get started! The Kindle edition went live at midnight; as always, Kindle Unlimited subscribers read for FREE! Paperbacks and hardcovers are also ready to order through Amazon. Want large print? It's tucked away on the book's main Amazon product page, and a bit hard to find. Just click here. If you're affiliated with a library or bookstore, you can access paperbacks and hardcovers through the usual channels. "Firefly Season" to follow! Look for Book 10 in fall 2021. It does seem "Firefly" will be the last title in the "Growing Season" series, but I have ideas for more stories set in the Prosper area. Expect more titles in 2022 and beyond! Happy reading ... and happy spring! Melanie

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