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"Growing Season" series extended ... pre-order book 8 now!

You asked, and I listened! So many of you have expressed disappointment that the “Growing Season” series was set to wrap up with Book 8. As I work on “The Blessed Season,” it’s become clear Melinda and her friends aren’t done with us yet! I never want to keep a series going too long, as it’s important that each book has a solid storyline and is worth your hard-earned money. But the “Growing Season” gang is going to get one more book, possibly two. Look for Book 9 in the spring of 2021. Release date set for “The Blessed Season” But first, we’re going to enjoy another holiday in little Prosper! Book 8, “The Blessed Season,” arrives Sept. 29. Pre-order your Kindle edition now, or bookmark it to read for FREE through Kindle Unlimited on opening day. As always, paperbacks and hardcovers will be available closer to the launch date.

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