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Pre-order Book 1 now!

Spring is almost here ... the perfect time for a fresh start! I'm so excited to let all of you know that the Kindle edition of the first book in my new series is now accepting pre-orders on Amazon.

Look for this book in sometime in late May! You'll see the publication date on Amazon says June 21 (first day of summer!) but I expect it to be ready before then. Amazon requires authors to set a date for pre-orders ... but they greatly prefer we launch sooner, rather than later. Pre-order your Kindle edition now, or bookmark it to read for FREE through Kindle Unlimited on opening day. As always, paperbacks, hardcovers and large-print editions will be available once the book is ready.

Want a sneak peek? It’s a loooong story, but I can’t safely post an excerpt from “The Route That Takes You Home” on my website due to Amazon’s exclusivity rules regarding digital versions of my work. However, if you’ve already purchased a Kindle edition of “Firefly Season,” you can now update that file on your device and find a scene from “The Route That Takes You Home” in the back. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can check “Firefly” out of the library again and to read the excerpt, too!

“Mailbox Mysteries” series: The new books follow mail carrier Kate Duncan as she returns home from Chicago to make a fresh start in Eagle River. You may recall Bev Stewart is a part-timer for the Eagle River post office, and Bev takes Kate under her wing. The books won’t be too intense … I don’t expect any murders. They’ll be more along the lines of “someone or something goes missing.” So many new friends to meet ... and expect to hang out with several of the “Growing Season” characters we’ve all come to know and love!

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Michelle Cook
Michelle Cook
28 feb 2022

Yay!!!! So excited for the new series!

Me gusta
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