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Read 'firefly Season' today!

The final installment in the “Growing Season” series is now available! “Firefly Season” lets us relive those wonderful days (and evenings) of late spring and early summer, even as the leaves are falling outside and there’s a chill in the air. As always, Melinda has her hands full both at the farm and in town, and there are plenty of laughs along with a few twists and turns. The Kindle edition went live at midnight; as with all the books in the series, Kindle Unlimited subscribers read for FREE! Paperbacks and hardcovers are also ready to order through

Amazon, although there may be some delays on the hardcover edition through that retailer. Want large print? It’s tucked away on the book’s main product page, and a bit hard to find. Just click here. If you’re affiliated with a library or bookstore, you can access paperbacks, large-print editions and hardcovers through your usual distribution channels. Barnes & Noble also carries all the physical books. It’s bittersweet to bring this series to close. But I’m working on plans for a new series set in the Prosper area, and it’s safe to say several of the “Growing Season” characters we’ve all come to know and love will show up from time to time. As soon as I have information to share about the new series, I’ll let everyone know. Happy reading ... and happy holidays! Melanie

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Dec 14, 2021

Was hoping for more in this series. Looking forward to what you write next. We have “outside cats” named Sunny (orange Catz always get an orange related name), Stormy (brownish in color). Both are short hair. Howeve, they have one more sibling…also orang, but with long hair. She is named Wildfire.


Oct 26, 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series! Thank you!

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