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Read 'Mailbox' Book 2 now!

“The Road to Golden Days” is now available! October finds Kate settling in at her farmhouse and helping her family bring in the harvest. But when a neighbor’s barn goes up in flames, Kate’s autumn days (and nights) take some interesting twists and turns ... just like the gravel roads she travels as an Eagle River mail carrier!

Where to order

Ebooks are available through Amazon; as always, Kindle Unlimited subscribers read for free!

Paperbacks and hardcovers are also accessible through Amazon. You’ll find the paperbacks and hardcovers listed with the Kindle edition.

Large-print paperbacks are now on Amazon, but they can be tough to find. Click here for a direct link.

If you use the distribution system available to libraries and bookstores, all the paperbacks and hardcovers should be in the system soon, if they aren’t already available for purchase.

What’s next

Look for a wonderful holiday tale, “The Lane That Leads to Christmas,” late this year. You’ll find an exclusive excerpt from Book 3 at the end of “The Road to Golden Days.”

Thanks for reading!


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