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Read "The Bright Season" now!

Summer may be over, but you can enjoy those warm, sunny days all over again when you pick up "The Bright Season."

This is the sixth book in the "Growing Season" series, and follows Melinda's adventures through the hottest months of the year. Her second summer in Prosper promises to be a bit different than her first, but this novel is still filled with all the characters you love!

Kindle Unlimited subscribers read for free! As with all the books in the "Growing Season" series, "The Bright Season" is part of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. Kindle ebook editions are available for purchase, of course, as are paperbacks and hardcovers. Just follow this link to get started!

What's next: "Turning Season" Look for Book 7 sometime in spring 2020!

Happy reading!


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1 Comment

Gabrielle Mercedes Bolívar
Gabrielle Mercedes Bolívar
Feb 07, 2020

I absolutely have fallen in love with Melinda, Horace, their farm, the animals, Prosper, the town folks- really the entire extended community! I stumbled on the "Season" series accidently at our local County Library Bookstore. I was hooked on the first one and quickly ordered the rest off Amazon. I have read all 6 books in a week and a half! Thank you for giving me just what I needed. These characters have come alive and have so much depth to them, that I feel like I know them personally. I cannot wait for books 7 and 8 to come out. As a 50 year old woman, it is incredibly rare to find a female protagonist that I can…

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