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Start the new series now!

“The Route That Takes You Home” is now available! Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, and you can shift yours into gear a little early with this heartwarming tale of fresh starts, new friends and a little mystery thrown in for good measure.

The “Mailbox Mysteries” series follows mail carrier Kate Duncan as she returns home from Chicago to make a new life in Eagle River. In our first journey, an elderly resident turns up missing. Expect several twists and turns as Kate tries to get to the heart of what’s happening in her hometown. Many of you have read the “Growing Season” series, and you’ll spot some familiar faces in this new book. Some of the connections will be obvious, but others will pass by without mention. That’s intentional, so we don’t “spoil all the fun” for readers unfamiliar with the first series.

Where to order Ebooks are available through Amazon; as always, Kindle Unlimited subscribers read for free! Paperbacks, large-print paperbacks, and hardcovers will also be accessible through Amazon. You’ll find the paperbacks and hardcovers listed with the Kindle edition. Large-print paperbacks are now on Amazon, but they can be tough to find. Click here for a direct link. If you use the distribution system that targets libraries and bookstores, the paperbacks and hardcovers should be in the system within the next day or two; the large-print editions should appear by the end of the week.

I hope you enjoy the new book … and there are more to come!

Thanks for reading, Melanie

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