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'The Blessed Season' is here!

This year has been full of the unexpected ... but one thing we can all look forward to is another holiday season in the little town of Prosper.

Click here to get it now!

The Kindle edition went live at midnight; as always, Kindle Unlimited subscribers read for FREE! Paperbacks and hardcovers are also ready to order through Amazon. If you're affiliated with a library or bookstore, you can access paperbacks and hardcovers through the usual channels.

Want large print? It's tucked away on the book's main product page, but a bit hard to find. Just click here.

And there’s more to come! You can expect "Daffodil Season" to arrive sometime in the spring. It'll be the ninth book in this series. Will there be a Book 10? Not sure yet. Melinda and her friends have more adventures ahead of them, but the best way to wrap those up is, like so many things these days, still to be determined.

Happy reading ... and happy holidays!


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