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'Turning Season' is here - a bit early!

First of all ... I hope this message finds all of you well and safe, and your family and friends, too. These are tough times, but they're perfect for curling up with a book and escaping our strange new reality, at least for a few hours!

"Turning Season"is a few weeks early (it had been scheduled for April 28). Since I had it finished, I decided to push ahead and release it now. Why wait? Click here to get it now!

This is the seventh book in the "Growing Season" series, and follows Melinda's adventures through her second fall in Prosper. Expect some Halloween hijinks, a little mystery and romance, and so much more from the characters you love! 

The Kindle edition is live, and as always, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can check it out and read for FREE! Paperbacks are also ready to order through Amazon, although you may experience some slight delays in shipping. Hardcovers should be available in about a week. Between some technical issues and the general craziness of commerce these days, those aren't out there just yet. If you're affiliated with a library or bookstore, you should be able to access paperbacks and hardcovers through the usual channels next week, too.

More to come! You can expect "The Blessed Season" this fall. It's the eighth book in this series, and likely to be the last. I have ideas for a few more series set in the area around Prosper, but nothing final enough to share yet. In the meantime, we'll take life one day at a time, right?

Happy reading!


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May 19, 2020

I have read every single book you have published as well as your short fiction. I just finished Turning Season and just loved it as well as all of your books in this series. They are comforting especially during these hard times with covid 19 . The animals have such personality as well as the town folk. Melinda is such a joy with her eagerness to meet things head on and her generous spirit. Prosper reminds one of simpler times yet comes with challenges. Looking so forward to The Blessed Season to arrive but also wishing it weren't the last book in the wonderful Growing Season series. I am glad to know that with the new series we will stil…


Gabrielle Mercedes Bolívar
Gabrielle Mercedes Bolívar
Apr 24, 2020

I absolutely loved this 7th book in the series. I appreciated the unexpected twists and turns and some that I hoped would happen, and did. It is bitter sweet to write that I can't wait for the 8th book, knowing that it will be the final book in this series. I have great anticipation as I wait to learn what character will be used for a potential spin-off series of new books. I don't want this story to end! I hope that whatever future books you write, you circle back to Melinda and Prosper! <3

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