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Does reading the "Growing Season" series inspire you to hit the kitchen? Here's the how-to for some of the dishes mentioned in the novels. Just click on the photos to find the recipes!

mint chip cookies2.jpg

Mint-walnut cookies

featured in "The Blessed Season"

This recipe has been in my family for several generations. Back in the day, the dough was wrapped around a Rockwood chocolate-mint wafer and half of a walnut placed on top. Those mints are hard to find nowadays, so the directions were modified to instead incorporate half of an Andes chocolate mint inside. Once the Andes company came out with the baking-chip version of its product, the process became even easier! Just mix the dough, sprinkle in the baking chips and chopped walnuts, and give it a stir. 

cranberry meatballs.jpg

Holiday Meatballs

German Stollen

Cherry-Berry Squares


Chicken and Noodles


Sour Cream Cookies

Pumpkin-Walnut Scones


Strawberry Sauce


Applesauce Bread


Corn Relish

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